Clay, Dough & Compounds

Clay Dough Compounds
Clay, Dough & Compounds

Little ones love to express themselves with molding clay and play foam. From its bright colors to the tactile feel of different modeling compounds, it’s a go-to pastime for children, parents and teachers alike.

Our inventory of dough toys includes traditional compounds for kids like Play-Doh clay that come in sets & kits to ignite creativity every time your kids want to play with clay. Or, if your child is looking to sculpt a keepsake, our air dry modeling clay can be molded into their favorite cartoon or action figure and put out on display.

For an even more sensory experience, we also offer scented dough in scents your kids can’t get enough of, as well as slime, putty and goo compounds toys … because sometimes the messier the merrier.

Watch your child’s imagination come to life with kids’ dough, compounds and foam toys handpicked by Michaels Kids for their enjoyment.

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