Active Play

Active Play

Maybe your kids have been cooped up inside. Maybe they’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the screen. When the weather breaks, get them outdoors with active games they’ll love.

From Nerf guns to sporting goods, we’ve rounded up some of the best games for children to play – regardless of how old they are. Plus, we’ve made sure these unique games are kid favorites and parent-approved.

Our varied selection of active kids’ toys and fun games for kids offers healthy ways for your little ones to release extra energy after school and during the warm summer months.

Sand and water toys keep younger kids cool, providing them with countless hours of fun in the sun that will spark their curiosity and imagination. Tunnels and tents allow them to play pretend, building fortresses and creating new worlds of make believe.

Older kids will enjoy outdoor play with neighborhood friends and sports gear that encourages muscle development and coordination as well as teamwork and self-confidence.

Looking for fun games to play with kids? Look no further than active play children’s games from Michaels Kids.

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